Segmented Grandfather Clock

Segmented Grandfather Clock Colm Brennan Woodturner

This Segmented Grandfather Clock is created in 2500 Sycamore pieces.

I created this Segmented Grandfather Clock using beautiful Sycamore segmented pieces.  With 2500 segmented pieces, this is one of my pet projects that took over the workshop once I started making it.

This clock stands at over 7 foot.  I used Hamill workings and the clock has a truly beautiful sound with Westminster chimes every quarter hour.

I decided to use Sycamore wood, and the clock feels smooth to the touch while it has a soft glow to it.

Feel welcome to pop into my studio space under the lovely shadow of Benbulben mountain, Sligo. We are located in Benbulben Craft Village in Drumcliff where you can see this clock and other handcrafted pieces that I have turned on the lathe.

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